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Thesys CAT LLC is the Plan Processor for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Mandated Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT)

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Thesys CAT Factoids

Once the Platform Goes Live - CAT System Will Grow to Include

21 PBs
22 SROs
58+ Billion

The Consolidated Audit Trail

The Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) will Track Orders Throughout Their Life Cycle, Allowing Regulators to More Efficiently Track Activity in Eligible Securities Throughout the U.S. Markets

CAT NMS Plan Website

Did You Know?

CAT NMS, LLC was formed by a joint national market system plan, known as the CAT NMS Plan, including the 21 national securities exchanges and FINRA. The CAT NMS Plan details the creation, implementation, and maintenance of the CAT.
CAT NMS, LLC was responsible for selecting the Plan Processor. Thesys Technologies won the bid to build the data repository for securities transactions tracking approximately 58 billion records of orders, executions, and quote life-cycles for equities and options markets on a daily basis. Thesys CAT LLC was formed to serve as Plan Processor for the Consolidated Audit Trail under contract with CAT NMS, LLC.

Thesys CAT is the technology vendor and plan processor for the CAT.

Information security is a top priority for Thesys CAT LLC and a focus of the overall mission at Thesys. Critical security factors informed the design for the CAT system. Thesys is adopting best practices in its security elements for the platform, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework. Our vision and approach is to build security from the ground up within the system.


    Thesys CAT LLC is Headquartered in New York, NY with an Office in Charleston, SC

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